Our vision is to strengthen the economic capacities of youths and women so that they can become agents of change in their communities.


Connak Foundation aims to enhance human life and dignity by implementing programs that leverages technology and community participation to promote good health and economic well-being for youths and women.

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Your investment and support will assist to provide programs and services that will help these young people stay engaged in education, training, employment and health. This work will directly benefit young people and their families. “JOIN US IN CREATING OPPORTUNITIES AND CHANGING LIVES”











The illiterate of the 21st Century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn. Connak Foundation uses technology as a tool to strengthen the capacities of youths and women yearly by teaching them with technical skills that enables them to start a business or get a good paying job within the 21st Century workplace.

Job Creation

Connak Foundations invests in entrepreneurship and skill acquisition programs that help youths and women earn better livelihoods and escape from the circle of poverty. Connak Foundation Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative program aims to empower young people in Nigeria by providing them with business development support, vocational training support and start-up capital to enable them set up new businesses that will employ young people.


Connak Foundation has a full scholarship scheme for indigent children from secondary school level to tertiary level. This scholarship program started off with 10 children and has now increased to over 60 children.


Connak foundation connects with the young and old through our free medical outreach in the rural communities of Abia state. We treat ailments and diseases pertaining to the eye and general body while drugs are administered to the benefactors by qualified medical personnel’s. Over 20 patients have undergone free cataract surgery with a 100% positive result as Connak foundation seeks to tackle the cause of 51% of the world’s blindness- Cataracts in Nigeria. Over 2000 patients have benefitted from this scheme.