CONNAK FOUNDATION is committed to enhance human life and dignity by implementing programs that leverages technology and community participation to promote good health and economic well-being for youths and women. A general Survey shows that about 70% of the youths and women in our rural communities are from indigent families. Their Fathers are either farmers or does menial jobs with more children that they are not able to cater for while their mothers are basically house wives with no source of income. These youths lack of funds and resources to create their own future, nothing to motivate or inspire them to aspire and achieve thereby making them more susceptible to the vices created by the environment they found themselves in. These facts shaped CONNAK Foundation’s agenda from inception, then more and more in recent years. Over the years we have reached over 3000 youths and women in the eastern part of Nigeria and we can do more. Your investment and support will assist to provide programs and services that will help these young people stay engaged in education, training, employment and health. This work will directly benefit young people and their families.

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